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Thai Time III

Lunch Specials


Served with soup, house salad, vegetables rolls fried wantons and steamed rice

Substitute fried rice or brown rice for only $1.00

PREPARED WITH YOUR CHOICE OF:                                                                                                                       
Vegetarian                                                                                                                        $6.95
Mock Chicken or Mock Duck                                                                          $7.95

Mock Scallop or Tofu                                                                                             $7.95
Chicken or Pork                                                                                                                  $8.50

Shrimp or Calamari or Beef                                                                               $9.50

Seafood - Shrimp, calamari, green mussel, imitation crab                   $10.50

Roasted Duck or Scallop                                                                                     $10.50

Combination Meat – Chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, calamari             $10.50

  1. HOT BASIL – Squash, green peppers, carrot, onion, chili and garlic.
  2. CASHEW NUT – Carrot, onion, celery, water chestnut, scallions, and water chestnut.
  3. MIXED VEGETABLES – Stir fried Napa cabbage, snow peas, baby corn, broccoli, carrots, and zucchini.
  4. GARLIC AND PEPPER – Ground pepper, garlic, and cabbage.
  5. SWEET AND SOUR – pineapple, cucumber, tomato, onion, and baby corns.
  6. RED CURRY – coconut milk, potato, onion, carrots and peas.
  7. GREEN CURRY – coconut milk with bamboo shoots, basil, peas, carrots, and eggplant, green and red bell peppers.
  8. YELLOW CURRY – coconut milk, potatoes, onions, carrots, and peas.
  9. PANANG – coconut milk with sweet and spicy curry, green and red bell peppers, pineapple, and basil leaves.
  10. PAD THAI – Stir–fried noodles with bean sprout, eggs, ground peanuts, and green onions.
  11. SPICY NOODLES – Stir–fried flat noodles with basil, green and red bell peppers, chili and eggs.
  12. KAI QUA – stir–fried flat noodles with green onion, bean sprouts, and eggs.
  13. PAD SEE IEW – stir fried flat noodles with Chinese broccoli, broccoli, carrots, garlic, and eggs.
  14. FRIED RICE – peas, carrots, onion, cilantro, and eggs.
  15. SPICY FRIED RICE – basil, green and red bell peppers, broccoli, onion, and eggs.
  16. CURRY FRIED RICE – curry powder, raisins, peas, and carrots, onions, and eggs.
  17. PINEAPPLE FIRED RICE – pineapple, peas, carrots, onions, and eggs.
  18. CHAN POO CRABMEAT – stir fried rice noodles with crab meat, eggs, chili, garlic, bell peppers, green onion.   $10.50
– stir fried noodles, cabbage, spinach, bean sprouts, green onions, and brown sauce.
  20. SPINACH NOODLE – Stir fried noodles with spinach, eggs in yellow curry.
  21. CLASSIC THAI PLATE – Egg noodles chili–garlic mixed vegetables cashew nuts.